Haptic Glove

Cyberglove Systems is the leading designer of haptic glove technology. The design is a pair of gloves with miniature vibrating motors stitched into the knuckles. These gloves have been particularly helpful in teaching people braille and beginning music skills through “passive learning”. The miniature motors vibrate in a sequence that corresponded to the typing pattern of a phrase in Braille. Audio cues tell the person Braille letters formed by typing the sequence. The user then tries to type the phrase on a keyboard, without any of the vibrations or audio cues to help. (http://www.psfk.com/2014/06/haptic-feedback-gloves.html)

Other uses of haptic gloves are in the area of virtual reality and in the gaming world. Haptic gloves allow you to touch something that isn’t there. It allows you to feel all the properties of a virtual object. You can hold an apple and feel the weight or feel the bumps of the bark of a virtual tree.

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