Standard 10: Collaboration, ethics, and relationships

A teacher must be able to communicate and interact with parents or guardians, families, school colleagues, and the community to support student learning and well-being.

In order for teachers to fully support their students, they must recognize the connection  between the school environment, the student environment, and the community.  Students come from families with a multitude of different backgrounds, religious beliefs and values.  It is important for teachers and parents to work together to support the students’ education.

Some students have community connections that are equally important.  Children with special needs may have medical teams or outside occupational and speech therapies.  Children that are homeless and highly mobile or in foster care may have a county case manager they work with.  Sometimes students have other care providers involved, such as personal care attendants or nannies.

Communication and connection among all people involved in the students’ lives is essential for their success.

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