Rebecca Hoisington

He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.                              Unknown Source

 I am currently pursuing my special education license at Augsburg College.  I have been a professional educator through the Minneapolis Public Schools at Lower Lake Harriet school for the last seven years. Currently, I work with children with cognitive delays.  I have experience with children on the autism spectrum, degenerative diseases, emotional behavioral disorders and learning disabilities.  I have a passion for my work.  I am especially interested in multi-sensory learning.  Many of the students I work with are not your typical visual-auditory learners.  Many children with special needs are tactile learners.  They are sensory oriented.  Most school lessons do not incorporate kinesthetic tactile learning.  I am interested in how children learn.

I believe as unique individuals we all learn differently.  I also believe we are whole brain learners.  We use all our senses to learn.  My best learning has not been from a text book.  It has been by active, tactile, and visual projects.  Today I am still learning.  I am learning to become a better teacher.  This portfolio is a demonstration of my experience and philosophies about education, as well as, creative ideas and lesson plans based on those philosophies.  Thanks for looking.

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